Educational Games, Games of Luck, Puzzle Games, Skateboard & Motocross Games

In the game development, 3D modelling plays a huge role and aims to bringing characters into life, grant them with realistic motion with a use of specialized software like 3Dmax and z-brush. Striving for a richer gaming experience and to occupy the player’s attention a game designer incorporates special sounds, dialogues between the characters needed for a unique experience. We distribute games where the audience will be frequently motivated to finish the game with more passion on every next level, with greater interest simply mesmerized by the performance of the game.

The process of creating high performance game with rich visual design asks commitment and proficient skills through the ability to implement the outstanding ideas. Players will have the enthusiasm to replay the game identifying themselves with the realistic characters and feeling the excitement while wrestling on the screen. We can release games that people will absolutely love to play years after the distribution with the same interest and the rush of adrenaline as the first time. Creating complex games involve implementation of Flash, Unity, and HTML5 just because the platforms constantly upgrade and your game is safe to run regardless of the platform and the screen resolution.

For all game players out there with individual preferences, we constantly deliver ideas.

  • Educational games that challenge your brain
  • Games of luck and lots of fun (Poker, Slot and Roulette)
  • Skateboards and motocross game, so you can play forever
  • Games for those who love adventures & fight against huge dragons
  • For the fans of logic stories and those who are expecting complex puzzles
  • Challenging game to overcome hundreds of enemies.

We carry next generations of compatible games with rich visualization, so gamers can gain new scores of any kind of devices playing either on a computer browser, tablet or a mobile screen. Despite of game development for multiple platforms and networks, we are different from other game publishers because we can create genuine motions real-time effects.

Here you can download iSource’s Game Development Portfolio.

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