Macedonia 2025 - Business Forum

Macedonia 2025 – Forum for Diaspora Business People and Investors in Macedonia

On July 21, 2016, the Director of iSource, Vladimir Robevski was a guest speaker on the Business Forum organized by Macedonia 2025 and the emigration Agency of Macedonia that discussed the investments coming to Macedonia from its worldwide diaspora. The Forum took place at the amphitheater of the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Director of iSource was talking on the topic: “The main benefits and challenges of diaspora investors” in a role of a success story of a diaspora investor outsourcing from Macedonia for the global IT markets.

Vladimir Robevski

The goal of the event was to sum the experiences of the investors and to turn them in analyses with recommendations for preparing a strategy for increasing investments from the Macedonians living abroad.

More than 130 guests attended the event and among them were large number of businessmen who came back to Macedonia to start a company or to continue the cooperation with their already existing company working abroad. In the forum more than 20 entrepreneurs discussed that invested in Macedonia in different sectors: IT, tourism, construction, production, etc. Also in the Forum Mr. Jerry Naumoff Minister of Foreign Direct Investments and the Minister of foreign affairs Mr. Nikola Popovski presented the experiences and the interest for establishing more intensive cooperation between the diaspora and Macedonia, as well as addressing the challenges that the diaspora investors are faced with.

Macedonia 2025 Forum


Statement for the press of the Director of iSource on the Macedonian National TV station.