it launch box

iSource will implement new project “IT Launch Box”

We are happy to announce that iSource is starting implementation of new project “IT Launch Box”.

The main goal of the of the project will be to create IT young entrepreneurs on one side and equip young people with employability IT skills and knowledge (software development) on the other side thus contributing to entrepreneurship development and creating new job places.

Specific objectives are the following:

  • O1. To develop open innovative accelerating program (BootCamp) that will equip young people with skills and knowledge in areas: software development and entrepreneurship;
  • O2. To train 300 young people for specific IT and entrepreneurship skills;
  • O3. To create online mentorship platform for young people who will need support in further development of their business ideas in the IT sector or create carrier in IT industry;
  • O4. To establish 40 successful mentorship relations between young people and mentors in IT industry.

The project consortium is consisted of 7 partners:

“IT launch Box” is funded by the EU program Erasmus+ K2 Strategic Partnerships. The budget is 109 100 Euros and it will last until 30th of April, 2018.

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